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My Story

They say that a home is where the heart is, and that it’s filled with love, laughter, and light. Growing up I did not always have a place I could call a “home”. I had a roof over my head, but it was not a place that inspired anything beyond the difficulties that were to be faced. But as a wife and mother of three, I found myself constantly thinking about what exactly a home is. The importance of it sheltering not only your physical body, but the whole of you. The you of the now and the you yet to come.

I wondered how to create the limitlessness that cannot be seen or touched but undoubtedly felt within the boundaries of these four walls for my own kids. Then my kids would give what they were given and the love would never be lost as long as you could come home, because home is love. Soon this want of mine grew bigger than just my family and I - it grew to reach my community as well. I found that I wanted to give others the chance at the home that I missed out on, but desperately longed for. A place where you belong and where you love to be, a place that embodies you. A place where every corner your eyes fall upon speaks to the potential beauty of here. This is my life’s passion and purpose- This is what makes me a Homebody.